The Board of the Nigeria Basketball Federation (NBBF) met on 9th of April 2022, at the Capital Club, Victoria Island, Lagos to deliberate on very important topical issues that will move the Nigerian Basketball Federation forward. The meeting started by observing a one minute silence in respect of the late husband of one of its Board members, Professor Florence Adeyanju.

The following resolutions were reached at the end of the meeting:

1) The Board expressed appreciation to the Federal Government of Nigeria, represented by the Federal Ministry of Youth & Sports Development (FMY&SD), towards the development of sports in Nigeria, and Basketball in particular, for the benefit of the teeming Youth of Nigerian, especially in the last 4 years.

2) The Board resolved to continue the cooperation and collaboration with the FMY&SD as the ministry continues to carry out its statutory functions as the supervisory body for Sports in Nigeria, while the NBBF will continue to strive to execute all of its basketball programmes for the Country going forward, and as prescribed in its approved Constitution.

3) The Board resolved to make concerted and genuine effort to carry along all genuine stakeholders of Basketball in order to resolve the acrimony and mistrust which has permeated the basketball family for sometime now, and which manifested towards the end of the tenure of the last NBBF Board.

4) The Board also resolved to set up a Peace Committee that will be composed of well-known and respected Basketball aficionados, that will be tasked with the singular objective of genuinely reconciling all members of the Nigerian Basketball Family for the good of the Game, and to move forward in unison, once and for all.

5) The Board resolved its willingness for the amendment of certain portions of the 2019 NBBF constitution, as proposed or requested by all basketball stakeholders:

a. The board has thus set in motion the processes, as required by the constitution for the Amendments, which will include submissions already received from some stakeholders, and the FMYSD that have been collated already.

b. All state associations and members of the nbbf shall be communicated to submit their proposals as expressed by them in the last 2 extraordinary and the elective Congresses, while a newspaper publication shall be made inviting the wider stakeholders for their contributions. All views and positions of all the stakeholders will be sent to the NBBF Secretariat via mail within the specified time for final collation.

c. All the Collated views, opinions and inputs will be extensively deliberated upon at a Board Meeting and a thorough brief prepared and forwarded to all members of the congress with the minimum 21 day constitutional notice for an extraordinary Congress for the necessary amendments, where necessary, and as required.

The amendment constitution, as approved by the congress, will be forwarded to the under listed for their final input and advice:

ii. NOC
iii. FIBA.

e. The final amended constitution will be forwarded to FIBA for their necessary approval for the amendments to be official and operational.

f. Copies of the final amended constitution, as approved by FIBA, will be domiciled with all the relevant bodies, the 36 states Basketball Associations and the FCT and all the other affiliate organs of the NBBF.

The Board is determined to take the constitution amendment exercise seriously, and respect the constitutional provisions so as to put to final rest the grievances and other misgivings associated with the 2019 NBBF approved constitution.

6) The Board also deliberated on, and adopted the Programme of Activities for year 2022. The Board directed the NBBF Secretariat to release the Programme of activities for the year 2022, which will include Local, International and Training Activities, within the next week, after the approved adjustments proposed by members are affected.

7) The Board also resolved to reach out to other institutions of higher learning other than NUGA, and the NSSF, with which it is already collaborating on developmental issues; viz NIPOGA and NATCEGA, to widen the scope of support that the NBBF can offer to Basketball events for the growth and development of the game of Basketball in those institutions and in Nigeria as a whole.

8) The Board also resolved that all known Invitational Tournaments in existence in Nigeria should be captured and harmonized on the NBBF Programme of Activities calendar, to make for easy co-ordination. To this end, all progenitors of such events should be encouraged to notify the NBBF so that the events can be captured on the NBBF Calendar.

9) The Board mandated the NBBF President to conclude the process of setting up the relevant sub – Committees, as quickly as possible, to enhance the smooth running of the activities of the Board/ Federation.

Attendance in Person: Engr Ahmadu Musa Kida (President/Rep South -South Zone) Mr. Babs Ogunade (Vice President), Mr. Adamu Deshi (Rep North- Central Zone). Mr., Olumide Oyedeji (Rep South -West Zone), Mr. Ugo Udezue (Rep South- East Zone), Mr. Suraj Yusuf (Rep North -West Zone), Prof Musa Yakasai (Rep NAPHERSD), Mr. Felix Awogu (Sponsors Representative) and Mr. Victor Okoro (Military/Para Military Rep).

Attendance By Zoom: Alhaji Abba Kaka Abdulkadir (Rep North East Zone), Prof Florence Adeyanju (Rep NAWIS) and Col Sam Ahmedu Rtd (International Rep)

Scott Nnaji (Technical Association Rep) and Mr Stanly Gumut (Representative of player’s Union)


  1. Sounds like DeJaVu all over again when aggrieved members are made priority over dilapidated ecosystem, player apathy, coaching, the fans loyalty and so much more. Let’s start doing, enough of the talking.

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